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Book Review: How Nations Escape Poverty by Rainer Zitelmann

New to Volume 5 of the Christian Libertarian Review: a book review of How Nations Escape Poverty: Vietnam, Poland, and the Origins of Prosperity by Rainer Zitelmann. Many thanks to Shawn Miller for this excellent review.

Summary Intro: This most recent book written by German entrepreneur and intellectual Rainer Zitelmann fits nicely among his other books extolling the good that capitalism has done in several different countries around the world and the harm that socialism has done. How Nations Escape Poverty shows free market capitalism helping people rise out of poverty in Vietnam and Poland. These two countries are on opposite sides of the globe and they have extremely different histories and cultures, yet they are similar in that they were both poor socialist countries forty years ago and are now middle-income economies. The book is a mixture of statistical evidence and anecdotal stories. Careful reading is imperative, as there is much information that readers must combine into a meaningful whole.

Download the full review here.

Shawn Miller (Ph.D. International Business & Finance) is an Adjunct Professor at Texas A&M International University.

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