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Spreading Liberty One Interview at a Time

When we’re not busy recording our own shows and interviewing amazing guests, sometimes we are asked to join another podcast to share our views about Christianity, liberty, peace, and human flourishing. While we’re a long way off from FoxNews asking us what the Christian take on current events is, the team at LCI is sought after to educate and inform a large number of audiences.

Here is a list of some recent interviews that, if you didn’t subscribe to the shows, you would have missed.

Let the People Prosper Show

Dr. Norman Horn joined Vance Ginn on his show to discuss how individual liberty and free markets provide abundant ways to glorify God, whether or not Jesus would be socialist and what the role of government and churches should be in caring for “the least of these,” and how to encourage Christians in their careers, reasons for optimism for the future, and separating conservative politics from Christianity.

You can watch here.

The Chris Spangle Show

Kerry Baldwin and Gregory Baus joined Chris Spangle on his show to talk about how and why christian nationalism, theonomy, and monarchism are on the rise in libertarian circles. They also explain why the Reformed stream of Christianity is compatible with libertarianism, and why it offers a peaceful alternative to Christian Nationalism.

Cantus Firmus

Alex Bernardo joined Cody Cook on his show to discuss medieval Christianity and the development of religious freedom in the modern era. Alex explained a few issues from his experience in the classroom and explored the broad sweep of medieval history.


Alex also guest appeared on Podbless, a Christian comedy podcast co-hosted by one of his friends, Josh Williams. In this episode they talk about making everyday situations into sermons, bad first dates, and an incident where a man assaulted a woman with Skittles. Alex also argues for common-sense Skittle control.

Faith in The Folds

Alex was also a guest with Dr. Kevin Burr, the discipleship minister at King’s Crossing Church in Corpus Christi, TX, and he had me on his show to discuss Christian libertarianism. Our two hour long conversation was released in two parts (Part 1, Part 2). In the first one they discuss libertarianism as a philosophy, and in the second they discuss taxes, drugs, and war.

Buds ‘n Reality

In this episode, Alex Bernardo talks to Sean Collins about the culture wars, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, dispensationalism, and the book of Revelation. This was a really fun and wide-ranging conversation. (NOTE: Alex told me that this episode is not for children!)

The Bob Murphy Show

Jacob Winograd joined the Bob Murphy Show to talk about Matt 22 and Romans 13 (render unto Caesar and Submit to governing authorities) – in which Jacob argued that the passages don’t actually endorse taxation or the State, but rather endorse property rights, libertarian norms of civil governance, and viewing Christ as our King.

Minnesota Black Robe Regiment Podcast

Jacob Winograd was also on The Minnesota Black Robe Regiment Podcast to talk about covenant theology and the problems of dispensationalist theology and Zionist sentiments from a Biblical perspective. We also discussed the current situation in Israel and Gaza, and the history of Zionism.

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