Weekend Insights – Statist Non-Sequiturs

Welcome back to Weekend Insights, your LCI “President’s Corner” of miscellaneous articles, events, books, vids, and whatever else I’m thinking about… 

Will Biden Sanction Half the World to Isolate Russia? Learn the effects of secondary sanctions and why the whole plan of economic isolation can backfire.

The Statist “Solution” Really Is a Non-Sequitur. Listen carefully and you can begin to recognize that statist speech is littered with fallacies.

The Takeover of America’s Legal System. Because of illiberal ideas, we continue to see the decline of the American legal system. Long read, you probably won’t agree with everything, but worth the time.

Where are all the modern Einsteins? You’d think that with the world’s knowledge at everyone’s fingertips, shouldn’t we see more Einsteins in the world with time? It seems that the type of education is a big driver here.

Reason interview about corruption behind COVID:

What I’m reading: I’ve been so busy that reading time has been limited. Finished The Two Riders by our friend Armond Boudreaux. Finishing The Ethics of Anarcho-Capitalism by Kris Borer (this week for sure). Hopefully I’ll really get moving on God’s Law and Order by Aaron Griffith. See all the books I’ve recently been reading on my GoodReads page.

Cheers, and have a great week!

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