Participants Needed: Research into Christian Libertarianism

LCI recently received an invitation from a friendly fellow libertarian, one Stefan Griese, about his need for study participants — interviewees if you will — for his graduate thesis work in Germany. He is currently in the United States and has quite a bit of flexibility of time and potentially even location to get this done. Here’s what Stefan has to say:

“I am looking for Christian Libertarians who are willing to be interviewed for my graduate thesis in Germany. The interviews would be about the attitude concerning immigration and some personal background. The interviews would be as long as the interviewee wants. The place can also be chosen by the interviewee. My project is hosted at the University of Göttingen in Germany and Boulder University in Colorado. All data will be anonymised by the standard of my German university and only used for my graduation thesis.

Also, I have founded the biggest libertarian youth organization in Germany, so I could in exchange talk about the situation of libertarianism in Germany today, which is rapidly changing.”

If you’re interested in talking with Stefan, email him here: interviewswithchristians@gmail.com.

Finally, if you’re in Austin or Houston TX in particular, Stefan can potentially meet you in person from now until Thursday (11/18). Again, contact him for additional info.

Thanks and best wishes / safe travels to Stefan and his projects!