Weekend Insights – Craig Cesal released!

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On the last day of Donald Trump’s presidential term, the expected pardons were being issued. Some pretty ratty folks got off easy, but more importantly, a great number of non-violent Drug War victims (read: offenders of the federal leviathan) had their sentences commuted as well. Among those, I am thrilled to report, was Craig Cesal, who was serving a life-without-parole sentence for unknowingly repairing trucks used to carry marijuana. Craig is a Catholic Christian and LCI has even published a few of his articles he wrote while in prison in the last two years (thanks to our friend David Gornoski of A Neighbor’s Choice for making that introduction). I’m so happy that Craig will be able to live out his life with his family and NOT in a cage any longer!

Here are some articles we’ve published from Craig:
Essential Yet Illegal
I’m Jealous of Death Row Inmates
You Can Learn a Lot about Socialized Medicine from Prison

Have you ever considered why “freeing the prisoners” is a theme in the Bible? Yes, we are all “captive” to sin, and yes the theme of release from slavery is a big deal as well — that’s a wonderful thing. But maybe it’s also because, just like we see with many Christians in the book of Acts, the State makes it a habit to abrogate justice in the first place.

There’s a lot left to do here, of course. On a sadder note, Reason reports about a letter from a prisoner, one Theresa Mathis, requesting help to reduce her crazy sentence. But the letter arrived too late. Theresa Mathis died in custody.

Don’t stop opposing the War on Drugs. You have every ounce of reason on your side, and every reason in the world to advocate for its dismantling.

If the way things are going looks rather bleak to you, check out this roll-out of a Twitter thread. It’s pretty heartening in a number of ways. I’d note, though, that the Kingdom of God is established. It is already-and-not-yet. THAT is even more heartening.

The new boss Biden backed down from his prior rhetoric about pushing through a national mask mandate via executive order, realizing that it wasn’t constitutional for him to do so. But, he did sign an order to ensure masks were used by federal employees on federal sites. Unless, of course, it’s Biden who has to wear a mask. That’s optional. Gotta love these little hypocrisies we get from the overlords on a regular basis. (And I, for one, still recommend wearing a mask, don’t get me wrong!)

The inimitable Remy did a great bit recently about this in song:

I heard about a libertarian once who couldn’t respond to an objection from a non-libertarian. When I asked him about it, he said, “It wasn’t me!” Oh no! Don’t be that guy. Read Faith Seeking Freedom: Libertarian Christian Answers to Tough Questions and be ready to crush every argument! (SWIDT?)

Cheers, and have a great week!