Weekend Insights – Of Philosophers and Pasta Shortages

Welcome back to Weekend Insights, your LCI “President’s Corner” of miscellaneous articles, events, books, vids, and whatever else I’m thinking about… 

We have been a little sparse on posts through the holiday season, but you’ll see an uptick in regular articles coming soon as we launch into what promises to be a wild and crazy 2021. Here are some interesting things I’ve been observing this week…

First off, may I request you subscribe to the LCI Youtube Channel? We’re going to be putting more content there this year than ever before. Check out our roundtable discussions in particular!

Learn about the Chinese philosopher who explained spontaneous order 2,000 years before Adam Smith.

What happens when you directly ask people who are pro-taxation to pay more? This happens.

Pasta lovers, beware! There’s a bucatini shortage across the world. (This one is pretty weird.)

Elon Musk suggested to his followers that they should “use Signal”, which is an instant messaging app that encrypts all data. It led to a 1000%+ stock price surge for a completely unrelated company with “signal” in its name. Oops?

Here’s a neat story about how the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs used fine food and wine to unite his team and build a dynasty. What can we learn about leadership from this?

What’s on your reading list this year? I’m getting close to finishing Asimov’s Foundation book 1, and I’m told by my father that I at least need to read the first three books so, you know, have to honor thy father! But I’ve also got some good stuff on the horizon there. I’m finishing up The Last Lecture, which I like quite a bit, and I’ve got a number of books on business and science I want to enjoy this year. Don’t forget to check out Faith Seeking Freedom!

Cheers, and have a great week!