Support LCI on #GivingTuesday

Do you like having Mark Zuckerburg support causes you care about? Well, now is your chance! But first, a little fun…

That’s right, this next Tuesday (November 27) is #GivingTuesday, and Facebook is going to match donations made on their platform dollar-for-dollar to eligible nonprofits, and the Libertarian Christian Institute is participating!

If you are planning on giving to LCI before the end of this year, would you please consider doing it on November 27 via Facebook? Now, there are some tricks to doing this. First off, you absolutely must give via the Facebook platform. So, you need to go to the LCI Facebook page and look for the donate button below the banner on the right-hand side.

Second, Facebook will match the first $7 million given via the Facebook platform. Thus, you need to make your donation at 5am PST / 6am MST / 7am CST / 8am EST on November 27. I cannot stress enough how important getting in early is to the matching funds. Last year, Facebook matched the first $2 million and it was used up in less than 20 minutes. Please mark your calendar, set an alarm, and be ready right when it starts!

Now, all is not lost if you don’t get the matching donation. Registered nonprofits also have zero transaction fees for donations made on the Facebook platform. This is a terrific thing for nonprofits, since you often see anywhere from 3-8% transaction fees for things like Paypal or Anedot. If you currently give regularly to LCI, you might consider doing it from Facebook from now on!

And of course, every donation to LCI is fully tax-deductible. If you need a donation receipt from LCI, we’ll be happy to provide one, just ask on our Contact page.

You can also create your own Facebook fundraiser and share it with your friends on #GivingTuesday with LCI as the beneficiary. Creating a fundraiser is easy and we welcome fundraisers with any goal amount. You can start that by clicking here.

Where will the money raised go?

LCI has many plans for 2019, but among our biggest are the following:

  1. A book titled Short Answers to Tough Questions for Libertarian Christians
  2. Quarterly mini-conferences
  3. Debates featuring prominent libertarians and Christians
  4. The second volume of the Christian Libertarian Review
  5. Downloadable resources to equip Christians to spread the message of liberty

We truly appreciate everyone who has ever donated to LCI. You honor us with your gifts and we do our best to steward well every dollar given. Thank you for making LCI part of your giving plan for 2018.