News of the Week, Sept. 22, 2012 Edition: End the Drug War!

Recapping the interesting and significant news and articles of the past week.

American Christians should be concerned about drugs not because the drugs themselves harm (some do, and some not so much), but because the United States government uses drugs as an excuse to wage total war on the American people. Anthony Gregory recently published reasons why the Right should oppose the drug war at AmCon Mag.

I’m also excited to announce that our very own Laurence Vance is releasing a new book about the drug war on September 30th. He is sending me a copy with haste and I look forward to telling all of you about it soon.

Rand Paul, to me, is somewhat of a mixed bag, but sometimes he really surprises me. For instance, at the recent Values Voter Conference he clearly argued for a non-interventionist foreign policy, even saying, “I don’t believe Jesus would have killed anyone.” Kudos to Rand for sticking to the peace message here.

I would be remiss to point out, though, that one can also be a Christian nonvoter like Jim Fedako. Whatever you choose, do so knowing why you do it.

Did you know that the Federal Reserve now has police powers? And that they’re buying massive amounts of ammunition? So much for being a “private” institution (as if it ever was one)!

And now for you’re moment of Zen


The chemist in me found this very, very funny.

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