What denomination do you attend?

Sometimes we forget that while denominations have a way of dividing Christendom, they also allow all of us Christians to have unity on essentials but be different in many doctrinal and practical aspects. It is not a bad thing unless we let it become that way.

Over at the Christian libertarian Facebook Group, my friend Joseph Knowles has put together a Christian libertarians denomination survey that you can take in under one minute. IF you consider yourself in the Christian libertarian camp, would you please help Joseph and fill out the survey? I know he would appreciate it.

Also, feel free to comment below about your denomination. For instance, I’m a part of the Churches of Christ (historically, the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement). The congregation I attend is the University Avenue Church of Christ. COC’s are interesting from a libertarian point of view because they do not have a hierarchy like a convention or synod, and thus all congregations are self-governed. This presents the particular challenge of really having to work to pass on theological principles since there is no “official” position  that is external to the congregation (like the Westminster Confession) – other than, say, the Apostles Creed. One thing I appreciate about the COC is that historically they have been fairly anti-war. Albeit, not so much past World War 2. Alexander Campbell and David Lipscomb were both stridently anti-war in the 19th century.

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