News of the Week: Today is Tax Day

Recapping the interesting and significant news of this past week (and a half).

I was so busy last Saturday with the anti-war rally put on by the Austin Alliance for Peace (which one of my students founded) that I had no time to post my weekly news roundup. So today seemed appropriate since all of our offerings to Caesar are due today…

I’m loving the new Laissez Faire Books blog, which my friend Jeff tucker writes for quite frequently. Two articles on the blog have caught my eye recently. Commerce, Our Benefactor is all about the beautiful benefits, complexity, and justice of a the free market. The second more important article is Death by Regulation, which has nearly gone viral. It is a compelling story of how the State completely ruined the life of Andrew  Wordes. You absolutely must read it.

Allan Stevo reminds us that we are only 11 weeks into a 9 month primary cycle. Ron Paul is still a long shot, but we ought to remember that it is less about winning and more about influencing people. There is still a lot more time to use this presidential election season to teach people about liberty.

Now for some taxation news that will really annoy you…

Reason Mag shows us 5 new ways the IRS is screwing America (their words, not mine).

From that same Reason article, I found another link where Bloomberg noted that fatal car crashes tend to increase on Tax Day. Watch out on the road today, people!

Gary North discusses what happens when government safety nets break.

Have you made it back to LCC lately? Here’s what you missed if you’ve been away:

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