Ode to Tax Season 2011

Last week I did my taxes. It was remarkably unpleasant to say the least. After the final number was calculated, I was so disappointed that I wrote this Facebook note. I have been told it is worth sharing for now…


I absolutely despise tax season. This year especially. I made less money this year and yet paid more to the State.

And what for?

So a run-amok military can go bomb Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan in the name of “freedom” and “democracy”?

So I can watch the economy dissolve while the Wall Street banksters enrich themselves with printed money from the Fed and inflate us to death?

So I am “protected” from “harm” by thugs in uniforms from the perils of harmless immigrants and the devil weed?

So I can entertain myself with the antics of politicians (if only that were all I had to worry about)?

So I get my precious interstate system, education system, welfare system, and the like?

So the alphabet soup bureaucracy “regulates” my health, wealth, food, drugs, and internet?

I have to ask, is it worth the cost?

Never. But you did get what you bargained for.

How foolish that you, America, would stoop so low. This government of lawlessness deserves no anthem, no salute, no pledge, no respect. Turn your back on it.


For more on why I hate thievery, I mean taxes, check out my article series 10 Things I Hate About Taxes.

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