News of the Week: Austrian Scholars Conference 2011

Recapping and highlighting the interesting news this week.

I have been in Auburn, Alabama this week attending the Austrian Scholars Conference at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. What a wonderful time I have had! It’s great to be in the presence of such amazing scholars and defenders of liberty. The sessions have been very enjoyable, and the company even more enjoyable. I’ve even had the opportunity to meet a few LCC readers for the first time.

If you go to you can even watch some of the sessions as they happen live. Let me invite you today to the talk I am going to give this afternoon at 3:15pm CST. I will be speaking on “New Testament Theology of the State,” a topic that many readers here will be pretty familiar with.

I hope you join me later this afternoon!

UPDATE: My talk is now online, along with all the others from ASC 2011.