News of the Week: Walk like a rioting Egyptian

Recapping the interesting news and stories of the past week.

Egyptians are rioting in protest of corruption and terrible economic policies in their government. This is some of the first serious international news of this sort I have seen since the economic crisis began, and it indicative of how the entire world economy continues to suffer from the insane economic policies of central banks and governments around the world.

Reports from social networking services and beyond indicate that the government is cracking down on the spread of information via the Internet.

Yet we also see great and small signs of hope in this crisis. Boing-Boing has posted multiple pictures (click here and here) of protesters quite literally approaching the barbaric and tyrannical police and army forces and kissing them. I smell a Pulitzer prize coming for this photo:



Check out this photo recap of yesterday’s protests.

The bullet point version of what’s happening (courtesy of TDW):

  1. Egyptian riot police clash with thousands of anti-government demonstrators.
  2. Police fire tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds in Cairo, Suez and Alexandria.
  3. Suez sees some of the worst violence, with a police station being set on fire.
  4. Reports say opposition figurehead Mohamed ElBaradei, who joined Cairo protests, has been placed under house arrest.
  5. The authorities have disrupted mobile phone networks and internet services.
  6. The unrest follows three days of protests in which at least eight people have been killed.

Whew, that was heavy.

Here’s a fun comic to top it off:


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