Everything goes back to Woodrow Wilson

Have you ever reflected upon history and realized the immense consequences of singular terrible men? I consider two U.S. Presidents, for instance, to have a profound influence in history for the detriment of all mankind, namely Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson. Think about what revolves around the latter man.

Without Woodrow Wilson, there is no Federal Reserve and no entrance into World War 1.

Without American involvement in World War 1, there is no Treaty of Versailles, no powerful USSR, and no British and French domination of the former Ottoman Empire.

Without the Treaty of Versailles, there is no Nazi Germany and no Holocaust.

Without Nazi Germany, there is no Allied Powers and the USSR cannot dominate the scene at the end of World War 2. For that matter, there is no World War 2 at all, no saving Joseph Stalin from utter destruction from within. Moreover, there’s no communist China.

Without the USSR and communist China, there’s no Cold War, no Korean War, no Vietnam War.

Without the Cold War, there is no support for coup detat and dictatorship in Iran beginning in 1953.

Without Iran, there is no Saddam Hussein to contain the revolution and blowback. There is no Mujahadeen war in Afghanistan.

Without Mujahadeen, there is no Al Qaeda, no Osama bin Laden, no Desert Storm, no bombing the Middle East on average every three days from 1991 to 2001.

Without these Middle Eastern conflicts, there is no 9/11, no Iraq War, no Patriot Act, no accelerated erosion of liberty in America… the list goes on.

It’s like a chain of dominoes. Every time we intervene, we set up a situation that becomes the excuse for the next intervention and the next war and the next usurpation of individual rights and the next mass killing of innocents…

Until the whole world burns.

There is another way: that the people say to their leaders that enough is ENOUGH. Stop trusting these thieves and murderers to solve the problems of the world. They are incompetent and immoral, and their actions repeatedly reflect such.

Commit to live out liberty, with all its implications. Learn the principles of a free society. Win hearts and minds wherever you go. Live free, and die happy.