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Why Every President Sucked

LCC Reader and Humble Libertarian Blogger Eric Olson informed me recently of his latest project: Why Every President Sucked. You absolutely must check it out.

Besides having a really cool and creative site layout, his content is fantastic. Essentially, he has gone through the history of each United States President and shown why each and every one, from George to Barack, was terrible and a blight to liberty. He is cataloguing “America’s Undying Pursuit of a King.” You heard us right: the United States has never had a “good” president. Every single one has exacted tyranny in some way or another. Eric doesn’t excuse anyone because some foolish historian or civics teacher told us once that “Presidents have to make the hard decisions.” As if it’s hard to make a decision to do the right thing, like not incinerate 250,000 Japanese civilians with an atomic bomb, or imprison those who dissent against your policies. But I digress, back to Eric…

On every page, he gives in short form what exactly each President did that was so heinous. Then – and this is where it gets great – he has written a short song for all 44 presidents about their crimes against humanity. Every song has been recorded as a short video and posted on YouTube. When you think about it, just writing, say, 20 of these to start up the site would be quite an achievement, but he has already written a song for each one!

After each song, he has posted the lyrics and guitar chords so you can read along or even learn the song yourself, if you like.

I have to hand it to Eric; he really did a great job here. It is truly an achievement of note, and worthy of remark. It’s just so, I don’t know, simple. Not simplistic, just the good kind of simple. If you know the history, you can enjoy the songs and learn quick facts that you can bring out in a jiffy when talking to people. If you’re not as aware, then you’re being exposed to great information in short form, with an entertaining way of remembering it.

I mean, seriously, how can you forget that John Adams wrote the Alien and Sedition Acts after hearing Eric sing, “Is it ‘cause you kind of look like an alien?” Really, what’s your problem, John?

This video/song about John Adams is definitely one of my favorite. I also really like the songs about Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, and Harry Truman.

So thanks Eric, for telling the truth and making it ever easier to learn and retain the truth. GREAT JOB!

Check it out, here’s the link once more:

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