Announcing the Christian Libertarian FAQ

There are a lot of changes happening on the tech-side of LCC right now. Some are small (things you’ll never see), some are medium (like moving the Contact Page under the About Page), and some are large. Two big changes have rolled out today. This morning I announced the implementation of Disqus for comment management, and now I’d like to announce another new feature: the Christian Libertarian FAQ.

As you probably know already, FAQ is short for Frequently Asked Questions, and I intend to make this FAQ an easy way for any reader who may stumble across LCC to inquire about libertarianism or about Christianity as it relates to libertarianism. I started it off with a few questions, namely a basic question about the non-aggression principle and three questions spawning from the recent post about marriage and homosexuality.

You can note that it is located in the navigation bar just below the header image, labeled FAQ just as you’d expect. Hover over it and you’ll see a little drop down menu where you can Ask a Question.

So how exactly do you ask a question? It’s really easy: just go to the Ask a Question page and fill out the amazingly simple form. All you need to do is write a question and provide your email address. When you submit, you will receive an email confirming your question was received, and when your question is answered you will receive another email with the response. Of course, I reserve the right to edit questions reasonably for clarity or to reject an inappropriate question.

But since this is the first announcement of the FAQ, I’ll include the submission form below. Tell your inquisitive friends, and ask away!

[clean-contact email="" prefix="LCC FAQ Request" bcc=""]