Podcast on Private Security with Gil Guillory

In a libertarian society, the production of security services would not come from the State, but security most certainly would be provided via private security agencies and arbitration services. But to those of us living under a state-system, this is difficult to understand. I’m sure you have wondered at some point how exactly a private security agency would work.

Well, I have a special treat for you in today’s podcast. Gil Guillory is an engineer, independent scholar, and an entrepreneur who has been developing a business plan for providing security services as a startup company. He graciously agreed to explain his ideas in an interview with me a while back, and we finally were able to match our schedules and chat via Skype.

Now, this isn’t directly a theological topic, but pay attention when Gil talks about connecting charitable agencies, such as churches, with individuals who need help. There is a real, tangible benefit to private security because it is always more personal than typical police. And given just how corrupt many police have become, it is high time to seek out alternatives.

I have met some very decent police officers in the past, but even they have told me how awful things are becoming in law enforcement. I would encourage any truly good officers to seek out people like Gil and join him in this noble venture. Listen to what he has to say and think about it…

I hope you enjoy this fascinating talk. (It’s just under 20 minutes long, and sorry about the difference in volume between Gil and I…) Feel free to comment here with questions. If we get enough, perhaps Gil will agree to do a second talk where we address them!


Right click here to download the entire audio file. [20 minutes, mp3]

Visit Gil’s GooglePages Site.

Read Gil’s LRC Articles, especially Tax Funded Policing is Socialism.

UPDATE: Many thanks to Manuel from the LewRockwell.com blog for linking to this, welcome to LRC readers once again! :-) Please keep sharing it, folks, the Stumbles, Diggs, and retweets are very much appreciated!

Also, I noticed that for some reason the “title” of the podcast when you play it is And Your Bird Can Sing. Oops! It is nice intro music, though, wouldn’t you say? Great guitar…

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