Sunday Article Linkage

Some Sunday reading for you

A Look at the Jury System and Our Participation in It — Graham Dugas observes that being on a jury can be a great check on the State. This piece very much challenged my previous understanding of being on a jury, and I highly recommend reading it. Especially of interest is his explanation of the “How many Jews are here?” question that we sometimes wonder how we would answer, had we been asked in Nazi Germany.

Anarchy and Chaos in Black Communities — My internet buddy Rob Wicks explains in this very short article that anarchy, which is not chaos but the absence of government force, is not to be feared. Well done, Wicks!

On Theonomy@Silent0 alerted me to this article on Twitter. It’s pretty long, but an interesting read about God using the State to enact Biblical law – which is theonomy. I don’t agree with the concept for a multitude of reasons, but if you’re interested in this long-standing debate you’ll want to read this.

And here’s a fun comic as well…