10 Things I Hate About Taxes: Epilogue

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No, this is not #11, it really is just an epilogue – or an afterthought…

I hope you attended or supported your local Tea Party today – Tax Day 2009. Honestly, I wasn’t able to go myself because I had a theology class this afternoon. But no matter, there will be another day to protest.

I saw a very scary article today, and it should confirm everything I’ve been saying in these articles.

Why Your Taxes Could Double

Regardless of what politicians tell you, any additional accumulations of debt are, absent dramatic reductions in the size and role of government, basically deferred tax increases. Remember the old saw? “You can pay me now or you can pay me later, with interest.”

Really? You mean, spending matters?

The government has over $56 trillion of outstanding, unfunded liabilities – financial commitments that you and I will pay. If this number seems hard to comprehend, then picture that this is $184,000 for every man, woman, and child in the United States. For the average American that makes only about 50k per year, he will work nearly four years of his or her life just to pay this stupid debt off. You probably need to look up this fictitious (and hilarious) accounting firm to help you out.

I shudder imagining what the American Revolutionaries would think of this. Can you imagine our forefathers standing for this? Can you imagine them staying silent as the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government destroy our livelihood and liberties?

I beg you, say something to someone, today. Stay silent no more.

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