10 Things I Hate About Taxes #2: Newspeak

This entry is part 2 of 12 in the series Ten Things I Hate About Taxes

This is the second article in a series on taxation leading up to Tax Day, April 15.

In George Orwell’s incredible work Nineteen Eighty-Four, Ingsoc has brainwashed society into accepting their government through the mutilation of language, such as in the government’s motto: “Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, war is peace.” Orwell calls it Newspeak. Comic book author Alan Moore gave this linguistic phenomena in V for Vendetta the particularly eerie religious overtone of clerical fascism embedded in England’s propaganda: “Strength through Purity, Purity through Faith.” (Note this is different from the movie version which replaces purity with unity.)

Governments manipulate language for their own purposes constantly. It allows them to circumvent truth in the public square (at least to the unobservant eye and ear). Whenever you hear a politician say, “Mistakes were made…” you can be 100% certain that they are dodging responsibility.

This is most perfectly exemplified in government’s first order of business: taxation. In fact, the very notion of taxes masks the truth of the matter, that taxation equals theft. But the government goes even farther in the corruption of nomenclature…

They claim their confiscation is a “service” and that we victims are their “customers.” As if I agreed and wished this upon myself. As if I am engaging in peaceful trade with them. Rubbish.

They call the loot they plunder “contributions” and “obligations.” A contribution is willingly given, an obligation is willingly traded. But if taxation is coercive then these are nothing short of non sequiturs.

Can you imagine the self-delusion the IRS and Congress must inflict upon themselves to justify their actions? “Oh, we have to convince them that this is what they want [read: we’re too dumb to see it their way] so we must recast this into a positive light…” Perhaps bureaucrats and politicians are well-intentioned, but the well-intentioned thief is still a thief.

These are just four examples of taxation Newspeak. Can you name some more?

Amazingly, upon reflection you cannot help but have some semblance of respect for burglars and robbers. As my friend Bryan says, “At least they’re not deceitful or patronizing about what it is that they’re doing.”

The next time you encounter those who believe the lie, call evil by it’s name.


Thanks to Bryan, head admin of the Christian Libertarian Yahoo Group, for inspiring this installment. He is a dear friend and I wish him every blessing.

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