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Theology Doesn’t Begin And End With Romans 13

Theology doesn’t begin and end with Romans 13

Tower_of_Babel_cropped_squareOn Easter Sunday, I joined a Facebook thread where the role of government and Romans 13 were discussed. A number of points about the Christian’s relation to government were aired, including citations of Leo Tolstoy, and a major theme was the idea of Christian anarchism. When this happens, of course, Romans 13 is invariably brought to the table. It seems to me, though, that this is not a good starting point for discussion of statism in the Bible.

Romans 13 is not a shortcut to being right about government. People like sound bytes, quick ways of responding to scenarios – and that is basically the way most Christians attempt to treat Romans 13. However, you absolutely cannot discern the whole of what the Bible says about the state by Romans 13. It sounds good, but it won’t work.

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The Christian Libertarian FAQ is having some issues

In the past few days, LCC has been getting hammered by a spammer on the FAQ submission page. I am receiving about 200 messages per day via the submission form that are pure spam. Until I can get this problem sorted out on the software side (which is unfortunate because it is old software), I have to disable to FAQ submission form for at least a few days. In the meantime, I’m going to copy-paste the entire FAQ into this post so that it is at least still available for reading – and for asking further questions. I am hopeful that this problem can be solved in just a few days.

Also, feel free to treat this as a general discussion post – go to town with your own questions and topics. I’d love to hear what is on your mind!

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Bob Murphy on Christians and Anarchism

When Bob Murphy isn't posing as a Progressive interviewer of allegedly neo-confederate authors, he's busy writing his own books and articles. Murphy, a Christian and Austrian economist, blogged recently on his website, Free Advice, about Christian Anarchists. I'm posting it because it falls in…

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