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Recapping the interesting and significant news of the past (few) weeks…

It has been a quiet past week at LCC, for one particular reason that is quite newsworthy: my wife and I had our first baby boy! Everything went extremely well: born at home, healthy and alert, momma and baby Caleb Horn are doing just great. Of course, we are still working into a new routine here at the Horn household. In short, we like to call this “breeding for liberty!” If you can’t beat the State now, just make enough babies until you can! Haha. Here’s a cute pic of the new wee one.


Here are a few other fun articles for your reading pleasure in the meantime. You’ll begin to see an uptick in blog posts here starting tomorrow (hopefully). Thank you all for your support and prayers!


Best read of the week: What does theology have to say about economics?

New at the American Liberty Association: The Patriot Church.

Anarcho-capitalism: so crazy, it might work!

The excellent First Things Blog shows how the dystopian world of the Hunger Games relates to our present world.

Did you know that the US federal government has the power to, and in most cases does, record nearly all phone traffic within the US borders and beyond? Yes Virginia, they do.

And moreover, the Feds are smart enough to declare definitively that the US mobile market is too dynamic to be considered “competitive”. Yeah.

Oh well, at least you can now get yourself an anti-drone hoodie.

Have something new and interesting to share? Let us know in the comments. I read every comment made, and respond to as many as I can!

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Recapping interesting and significant news in the recent weeks…

In the past few weeks, we have encountered a new pope, a currency downfall in Cyprus, filibusters, and many other curious news bits. Here are some that you might have missed.

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I am pleased to announce that is now a member of the Clear Skies Initiative, sponsored by The Clear Skies Initiative is a broad coalition of individuals and groups set against drone warfare waged by the United States Federal Government.

From the petition (which I encourage you to sign and share):

“The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles commonly known as “Drones” has become ubiquitous among military agencies, and increasingly by domestic law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, the scope of their use is shrouded in secrecy, and the consequences of their use go largely without scrutiny from other branches of government and mainstream media, which allow this practice to go on without accountability or challenge.”

Drones are also responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths of innocent people in warzones due to indiscriminate weaponry and operators. This terror must be stopped, and I hope you will consider signing the petition as well.

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I have not done a news post in some time, so I have a lot of links piled up for you today. I think you will find many of them of interest for both general purposes and particularly Christian libertarian purposes as well.

The Bionic Mosquito has a very interesting article up regarding libertarians and abortion. He is definitely adding to the debate and it is worth checking out.

Gerard Casey says that religion and politics needs to file for divorce. The power couple has fallen!

David Gordon reviews a new book on religious toleration and freedom of conscience.

Gene Healy hopes that Sandy Hook will not be seen as a 9-11 for schools. Some people really think that a gun ban would help, but apparently it doesn’t work in China. It’s a sick world, folks. Jeff Tucker asks why schools shouldn’t be allowed to secure themselves.

Jeff also has a superb article describing how the state will ultimately end.

From the You-Have-To-Be-Kidding-Me Department… The US Air Force is apparently now using Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a means of justifying nuclear warfare. Yes. Really.

Should Christians be interested in wealth creation, or just marginal charity? Perhaps we should try to understand economics better.

My new favorite comic… (Thank you XKCD!)

And it says a lot about you that when your friends jump off a bridge en masse, your first thought is apparently 'my friends are all foolish and I won't be like them' and not 'are my friends ok?'.

Have something you want to share with everyone? Let us know in the comments. I read every comment and respond to as many as I can!

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Christian philosopher Alvin C. Plantinga has won the prestigious Rescher Prize for contributions to systematic philosophy. David Theroux of the Independent Institute has a detailed account of Plantinga and the award here.

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