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Christians for Liberty 2017 E-Conference Registration

Registration for the 2017 Christians for Liberty E-Conference on November 18th is now open. Click here to register now!

Our speaker lineup includes:

  • Art Carden, Associate Professor of Economics at Samford University
  • Jamin Hübner, General Editor of Christian Libertarian Review and Chair of Christian Studies at John Witherspoon College
  • Lucas Engelhardt, Associate Professor of Economics at Kent State University
  • Norman Horn, Chairman/President of LCI and co-host of the Libertarian Christian Podcast
  • David Gornoski, author and proprietor of A Neighbor’s Choice

The registration fee is only $10 for the live stream. We encourage you to host viewing parties amongst your churches, communities, families, friends, local groups, student organizations, or whatever else using your single live stream; please just inform us how many people you intend to have at any viewing parties so that we can get the most accurate attendance information possible. The registration process will ask you to estimate how many people you expect to have at a viewing party, and we will likely conduct a poll during the event to see how many people actually attended via a viewing party.

The conference will take place on the Crowdcast platform. Please consult this page from Crowdcast to test your computer and/or mobile platform for compatibility. While a support representative from Crowdcast will be available during the event, we cannot guarantee that technical support will be available for every individual attendee, so please make sure your system is compatible in advance.

Once again, please click here to register for the 2017 Christians for Liberty E-Conference. We look forward to seeing you online this November 18th!

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