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The Christian Case for Drug Law Reform

You do not have to smoke marijuana, inject heroin, or understand The Wire to realize that the War on Drugs …

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Renewing the True Patriot Dream

Texas House Representative David Simpson delivered the following speech on October 8, 2014 at a Students For Liberty Event in …

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Rep. David Simpson at the Christians for Liberty 2014 Conference

The Christians for Liberty 2014 Conference has come and gone, but now we get to post the videos from the …

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Meet the CFL Speakers: Rep. David Simpson

Introducing Christians for Liberty Conference keynote speaker Rep. David Simpson of the Texas Legislature. David is a personal friend of …

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Why Are Christians Warmongers? (News of the Week, November 11, 2012 Edition)

Recapping interesting and significant news stories and media from the past weeks… Chuck Baldwin asks some very pointed questions to …

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