Ep 13: Russia and Ukraine: Dissecting the War Marchine w/ Liam McCollum

Summary – Russia and Ukraine: Dissecting the War Machine w/ Liam McCollum

In this episode, Liam McCollum returns to the show to dive deeper into the Russia/Ukraine conflict. We explore the many ways in which American foreign policy decisions over the past few decades have worked to continuously antagonize and provoke hostility from Russia, by repeatedly breaking promises and sabotaging peace efforts. We explore the different perspectives held on both sides of the conflict to demonstrate how war is always a failure to communicate, and increasing empathy and understanding of different people and groups is key to avoiding and diffusing conflict.

Each side always feels justified in their actions, and the truth can be much more complicated and convoluted. We must maintain a Kingdom mentality a Christians when we observe these conflicts, and be the voice that speaks out against the war machine that seeks to only increase the power and wealth of the ruling classes, at the expense of however many human lives it costs them to succeed.


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