Ep. 3: The Foundations of an Anti-War Christian, w/ Liam McCollum

Can Christians support war while upholding the Scriptures? What should Christians be saying and praying for regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine? Today we dive into this topic with guest Liam McCollum. Liam McCollum is a graduate from the University of Montana’s philosophy and journalism programs and is the host of The Liam McCollum Show, a series of interviews covering topics ranging from Christianity, libertarianism, foreign policy, and local politics in Montana. His writings have been published in the Foundation for Economic Education, the Libertarian Institute, AntiWar.com, and LPMisesCaucus.com. He is a Libertarian Party Mises Caucus organizer in Montana and is the Social Media director for the Montana Libertarian Party. He is also the manager for the LP Mises Caucus’s new Ask An Austrian series.

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