Ep 12: Interview with Liberty Speaks founder Irene Mavrakakis

Summary – Christians Raging Against the War Machine, with Irene Mavrakakis

In this episode I sat down to talk with Irene Mavrakakis M.D.  Irene is a Christian, libertarian, physician, chair and state board rep of Kent County, Libertarian Party of Delaware and co-founder of Liberty Speaks – one of the sponsors of Rage Against the War Machine, an anti-war rally/event taking place 2/19 in DC where anti-war activists will be making demands for the American support for the Ukraine/Russian war to end, and for American interventionist foreign policy in general to be halted. In this conversation Irene talked with me about her background, her organization Liberty Speaks and work inside the liberty movement and Libertarian Party, and the cultural significance of the upcoming rally. We also discussed the Christian perspective on war and how Nationalism often divides us in ways that are antithetical to what Scripture teaches. 


Below is a link to Irene’s organization Liberty Speaks:





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