Ep. 66: Does the Bible Support the Libertarian Concept of Self Ownership? with Kerry Baldwin

Does the Bible Support the Libertarian Concept of Self Ownership? With Kerry Baldwin

Episode Overview

In this episode, Jacob Winograd is joined by Kerry Baldwin to delve into the libertarian concept of self-ownership and its compatibility with biblical teachings. They explore the foundational principles of self-ownership, address common Christian objections, and discuss the implications of self-ownership for parental rights and children’s ability to consent.

Key Topics Discussed

Defining Self-Ownership

  • Libertarian principle: highest claim on one’s body.
  • Christian perspective: God’s ownership vs. human stewardship.
  • Reformed Libertarian statement on self-ownership and property rights.

Biblical References

  • Colossians 1:15-17: God as creator and owner.
  • Exodus 21:16, Matthew 20:15, Acts 5:4: Supporting property rights and self-ownership.

Common Objections and Misconceptions

  • Addressing Christian concerns about self-ownership being selfish or licentious.
  • Differentiating between God’s ownership and human self-ownership in relation to others.

Parental Rights and Children’s Consent

  • Discussing limitations to self-ownership based on human development.
  • Rothbard and Hapa’s views on children’s self-ownership and parental obligations.
  • Comparing parental responsibilities to trusteeship over a child’s inheritance.

Practical Implications

  • Parental assessment of a child’s developmental capacity for agency.
  • Responsibilities and rights of parents in caretaking and decision-making.
  • Legal considerations for enforcing parental obligations and addressing negligence.


Jacob and Kerry conclude the episode by emphasizing the importance of understanding self-ownership from both a libertarian and biblical perspective. They highlight the need for parents to balance their responsibilities with recognizing their children’s developing autonomy.


Additional Resources

Full Interview with Kerry: https://libertarianchristians.com/episode/is-self-ownership-commensurate-with-christianity-with-kerry-baldwin/

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