Is Self-Ownership Commensurate with Christianity? with Kerry Baldwin

Is Self-Ownership Commensurate with Christianity? with Kerry Baldwin

Kerry Baldwin returns to the greenroom to discuss the principle of self ownership. We will dive into some of the questions and controversies surrounding this topic, specifically the objections raised concerning the rights & obligations related to parents and their children, and how the theory would be upheld by Christian ethics.

Here are the questions Kerry and Jacob dived into:

  1. Defining Self Ownership – what is it, what are the implications of it?
  2. Related, what is the importance of self ownership? Is this an imperative belief for Christians to have? Can we own ourselves if we belong to God?
  3. Are there limits to this ownership? Are we all equal in our ability to exercise ownership, does this change with children and their parents, or in certain relationships?
  4. Is the ability to consent the foundation or part of the foundation of self ownership? If so, how can this be adjudicated outside of the state? 
  5. If children aren’t full self owners, what rights do they have? 
  6. Do parents have the right to neglect their children or not protect them/care for them properly? 
  7. Do Christian ethics teach there are positive obligations, or rights, and would that be in conflict with the libertarian position of self ownership ?
  8. Does this extend to the unborn, are there any unique distinctions between born and unborn children in a proper libertarian application of self ownership?
  9. Is legislation aimed at limiting what children in public schools are exposed to a libertarian policy then? Or is it not, or is this context dependent?

We hope you enjoy this conversation!

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