Ep. 65: Does the Bible Allow for Christians to use Defensive Force?

Does the Bible Allow for Christians to use Defensive Force?

Today’s question is one that’s been debated for centuries: Does the Bible allow Christians to use defensive force?

In today’s episode, we dive deep into this question with some fascinating insights. We’ll talk about Jesus’s emphasis on nonviolence, turning the other cheek, and how some theologians have interpreted these teachings as a rejection of personal self-defense.

But that’s not all! We also explore how some modern libertarian Christians view Jesus’ teachings as a challenge to the warfare state, without necessarily limiting the right to bear arms and practice self-defense. We’ll look at Paul’s advice in Romans 12 about overcoming evil with good, and how the New Testament urges Christians to conquer persecution through obedience and even martyrdom.

Cody Cooke, our guest today, brings us a historical incident from Bulgaria during Nazi rule where Christians used peaceful resistance, underscoring the call to love our enemies and adopt a higher standard. This episode is packed with examples and arguments for and against Christian pacifism.

Do you think the Bible prescribes absolute pacifism? Or could there be room for self-defense and justice through proper channels? We also delve into Romans 13:1-4 and Jesus’ example during his arrest and crucifixion. Is Pacifism useful for promoting peace, or is libertarian legal theory a better tool, and perhaps more compatible then with the call for Christians to pursue peace while upholding justice and loving our neighbors?

What’s the answer? Tune in to this episode titled ‘Does the Bible Allow for Christians to Use Defensive Force?’—the answers are in the episode!


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