Ep 366: How to Use the Book of Common Prayer, with Drew Keane

Summary – How to Use the Book of Common Prayer, with Drew Keane

Doug Stuart sits down with liturgy scholar Drew Keane to delve into the ancient Christian practice of scripted worship through the lens of the Book of Common Prayer. As a co-editor of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer international edition and coauthor of How to Use the Book of Common Prayer, Keane brings a wealth of knowledge and a personal passion to the discussion.

First they discuss liturgy and its role in the Church, examining the conservative nature of language in Christian liturgy, the theological depth found within traditional phrasing, and the transformative power of structured prayer. Keane shares his fascinating journey with The Book of Common Prayer, from his high school days to his extensive doctoral research, revealing the significance of this historical text in guiding public worship and personal devotions.

Keane also sheds light on the historical context of the prayer book, dating back to the16th century, and how the 1552 edition brought new demands on laity participation, marked by a call to prayer via church bells.

Listen in as Keane explains how the Book of Common Prayer is designed to help individuals humble themselves before God, engage with scripture, and pray expansively, following the scriptural mandates to pray even for one’s enemies. We discuss the practical aspects of using the Book of Common Prayer for morning and evening prayer, enabling believers to read through the scriptures annually and expand their spiritual practices.

Keane closes with heartfelt encouragement for listeners to discover the benefits of this ancient practice for themselves.

Dive into the enduring legacy of The Book of Common Prayer and how it continues to shape faithful lives today. For those interested in exploring this topic further, How to Use the Book of Common Prayer is available through various retailers, including IVP’s website and Amazon, and will be coming soon to Logos Bible software. Visit drewkeane.com to learn more about Drew Keane’s work.

Whether you’re looking to understand the basics of liturgical worship or seeking to enrich your current prayer life, this episode offers a compelling guide to integrating the wisdom of The Book of Common Prayer into your spiritual journey.

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