Ep 365: Good Neighbor, Bad Citizen, with Domenic Scarcella

Summary – Good Neighbor, Bad Citizen, with Domenic Scarcella

Doug Stuart sits down with Domenic Scarcella, author of Good Neighbor, Bad Citizen: Reflections on the Core Social Conflict Revealed by Jesus Christ’s Way of the Cross, to dive into the complex relationship between faith, being a good neighbor, and the expectations of citizenship. Scarcella unpacks the provocative themes of his book, crafted to challenge and enrich the reader’s spiritual journey in under an hour, making it an ideal companion for devotion or quiet contemplation during Passion Week.

Throughout the episode, Scarcella discusses the significant shifts in Christian thought since Constantine’s era, highlighting how these changes have blurred the lines between ecclesiastical loyalty and civic duty. Citing the Good Samaritan parable, he emphasizes Jesus’ teachings on the juxtaposition of societal roles and personal empathy, urging a return to the gospel’s raw truths over societal impositions.

Listeners will engage with Scarcella’s critique of modern Christianity’s approach to scripture, his advocacy for deep and cognitive consideration of the Bible, and the importance of “insourcing ethics” rather than outsourcing them. His insights into the cognitive empathy presented in biblical narratives, and the competing loyalties faced by believers navigating being a good neighbor against being a good citizen, furnish a thought-provoking discussion.

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