Alex Bernardo

Ep 350: Reading Rundown (Summer Edition), with Alex Bernardo

Summary – Reading Rundown (Summer Edition), with

Alex Bernardo

Alex Bernardo joins Doug again to discuss the books they’ve got in hand and on the shelf!

Alex’s book list includes a book by Lori Calhoun, known for her thought-provoking writing on the military industrial complex and the philosophy of war. They explore her book War and Delusion and her newest release, Questioning the COVID Company Line, which challenges the government and mainstream media’s narrative surrounding the pandemic.

Doug has been diving into biblical studies a bit more, particularly the works of Scott McKnight and N.T. Wright on situating the language of the gospel in the first century. They explore how Paul utilizes the term “evangelion” in his letters and discuss the importance of understanding Paul’s use of language for faithful scriptural interpretation.

Alex then discusses Brian Rosner’s book Paul and the Law, which tackles the intriguing relationship between Paul and the Jewish law.

Along with a window into Alex’s reading routine, they also share some exciting book recommendations covering a range of topics, from politics and economics to medieval history and philosophy of science.

Near the end, they discuss Carol Roth’s new book, You Will Own Nothing, exposing the importance of ownership for wealth and freedom, and how various forces are aiming to undermine this fundamental concept.

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