Revelation's Call to Discipleship and Discernment

Ep 326: Revelation’s Call to Discipleship and Discernment in Today’s World, with Scot McKnight

Summary – Revelation’s Call to Discipleship and Discernment in Today’s World, with Scot McKnight

What if the book of Revelation wasn’t just about predicting the future, but rather a guide for living faithfully in the present? In this episode Doug sits down with acclaimed theologian Scott McKnight to discuss his intriguing new book, Revelation for the Rest of Us: A Prophetic Call to Follow Jesus as a Dissident Disciple. Together we explored how modern Christians mis-understand the book of Revelation.

In our conversation, Scott and I delve into the dual critique of empire and Church presented in Revelation chapters two and three, exploring how ‘Babylon creep’ has influenced the Church and shifted its focus from living the way of the Lamb to living the way of Rome. We also discuss the importance of imagination in understanding Revelation’s rich imagery and symbolism. Scot also reviews the ‘Play Bill’ of characters and events for readers to engage with.

Most importantly, we examine the practical applications of Revelation using a ‘Babylonian Hermeneutic,’ identifying Babylon in our current world and its influence on the Church today. We discuss the dangers of partisanship, placing allegiance to America above Jesus, and the critique of economic exploitation. Don’t miss this fascinating discussion as we explore the timely wisdom found in Scott McKnight’s Revelation for the Rest of Us.

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