Ep 321: How to Make Sense of Christian Libertarianism, with Alex Bernardo

Summary – How to Make Sense of Christian Libertarianism, with Alex Bernardo

Like everyone else, we here at LCI enjoy a good crossover episode. Tune in to this installment of the Libertarian Christian Podcast to hear Doug Stuart talk with Protestant Libertarian Podcast host Alex Bernardo about Christianity, libertarianism, and the relationship between the two.

Doug and Alex speak to the fundamental compatibility between Christianity and libertarianism, explaining how they came to be libertarian Christians and what kind of impact that’s had on their lives. The two move on to contemporary strategies on how to sell libertarianism to Christians, as well as how to effectively evangelize to libertarians. Whether you’re interested in these strategies or want to know more about Doug, critical theory, or the behind-the-scenes of this podcast, tune in today!

Alex Bernardo is part of the Christians for Liberty Network and is the host of the Protestant Libertarian Podcast. There, he explores the intersection between protestant Biblical studies and libertarian philosophy, addressing topics related to theology, history, culture, economics, philosophy, and current events from both protestant and libertarian perspectives. More information can be found in the additional resources section below.


Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
07:10 Doug’s spiritual journey
14:10 The influence of academia
19:16 Doug’s libertarian journey
22:18 Joining LCI
24:05 How to name your podcast
25:40 What’s the process for picking guests?
32:04 What is the relationship between Christianity and libertarianism?
38:44 Strategies for explaining libertarianism to Christians
40:35 Strategies for evangelizing to libertarians
42:46 Christians for Liberty Network plug
43:35 Freedom Fest and Christianity
47:46: Influential libertarians
50:18 Critical theory (in a nutshell)
57:43 Cultural implications of critical theory


Additional Resources

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