Ep 268: Can Christians Really be Libertarians Without Contradicting Themselves? On Tom Mullen Talks Freedom

For this episode we decided to use a recent interview from the Tom Mullen Talk Freedom podcast where we discussed how libertarianism and Christianity meld as a belief system, and some of the big  questions covered in Faith Seeking Freedom. Some may argue that libertarianism is based upon selfishness or isolating-individualism; whereas Christianity demands selflessness. How can one be a follower of both? Sadly, many have misunderstood the actual nature of libertarianism, and what it means to strive for liberty.

We discussed how the pursuit of liberty leads to legalizing sinful habits, and how that seems so opposite of Christianity. For instance, legalizing sex work seemingly “supports” extra-marital sex; however, the actual intent behind doing so is for giving people within the sex work trade more freedom to leave, as well as more safety, protection, and outlets. Whereas the current state of prostitution is riddled with human trafficking, coercion, and a lack of ways for anyone within the trade to call for help or leave. The same goes for drug legalization. Though these industries are inherently sinful, it is not the role of human law and governance to regulate man’s behavior. Not even the all-knowing, all-powerful God has chosen a world in which he can force His creation to follow all of His commands.
Though many Christians defend closed borders, even using Christian doctrine or scripture to do so, it does not mean that borders are what God demands of us. In fact, we argue that anyone seeking a better life for themselves or their family should do so, as long as they are avoiding the use of violence. In order to define and legitimize a border, a nation must always have the ability to use or threaten immense violence on anyone who dares to cross those lines. Americans can traverse across this nation with almost no hindrance whatsoever, why can’t other non-US citizens do the same? A truly Christian society would welcome any weary travelers with open arms, regardless of their nationality or political rationale.

Show Notes

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