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Why the Rise of Jew Hatred and the Support for Hamas Terrorists?

A lot of folks are shocked and mystified by all the recent open displays of hatred and even violence toward Jews on many elite American university campuses and the streets of major U.S. cities. People are also stunned at the significant public opposition to Israel, particularly among young, college-educated Democrats, and especially after Hamas on October 7 inflicted the worst murder of Jews since the Holocaust of World War II.

Understand these American leftists are cultural Marxists who divide the world into arbitrary and rigid “oppressor” and “oppressed” classes that have been fixed for centuries. Because U.S. Jews are overwhelmingly white, embrace Western values, and are economically successful, they check three major oppressor boxes. Furthermore, that most of Israel’s Palestinian enemies are dark-skinned, Muslim, and poor adds three more strikes against the Jews.

That Hamas is a terrorist gang of mass-murderers, rapists, and kidnappers whose leaders routinely rob the Palestinian people of foreign aid so they can live luxuriously is irrelevant to the closed social justice warrior mindset. So is the fact that Hamas uses the Gazan people as human shields and even shoots at those daring to try to flee its totalitarian grip on Gaza.

Also trivial to fervent progressives is all the considerable Western aid used by Gaza’s Hamas dictators not to help the Gazan people but to buy weapons and build tunnels to murder still more Jews. In fact, with all the generous U.S. and West European aid Hamas has gotten, it could have easily transformed the Gazan coast into a booming Mediterranean tourist mecca, but Hamas is obsessed with wiping out the Jewish people, as its charter clearly states.

Yet Hamas can never be wrong to ardent leftists because it checks all the right oppressed boxes. Remember that progressives tend to see people as groups, not individuals. So the well over a thousand Jewish men, women, children, and babies slaughtered on October 7 are dismissed by the radical woke as “colonialist” oppressors on “occupied” land who had it coming.

Recall it was Judaism that gave us the first monotheistic religion in which God judges each individual by his own personal deeds, irrespective of any group status. But outside of Judaism and Christianity, most of the rest of the world (including secular leftists) remains fiercely tribal in which your group status trumps all else.

Indeed, Marx called for the utter annihilation of every oppressor group in a “revolutionary holocaust,” with zero regard for any innocent individuals. This has always been the way of leftists ever since the French Revolution when the radical Jacobins implemented le Terror and Le Grande Terror against all men, women, and children guilty of being Christian, royalist, bourgeois (middle or upper class), or insufficiently revolutionary.

The 20th century Bolsheviks’ “Red Terror” murdered the same groups in Russia by the millions, Stalin’s purges killed over 20 million more, and Chairman Mao’s communists murdered and starved to death over 60 million non-communists and communists alike in China, most zealously when the fanatical young Red Guards terrorized the Chinese people during the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution.

Though Jewish himself, the founding father of communism and modern leftism, Karl Marx, was a fanatical racist and anti-Semite who wrote in his 1844 “On the Jewish Question” essay that “Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist…. The social emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from Judaism.” How well these words would fit in the pages of the Nazi German tabloid Der Sturmer. And there is quite a pronounced history of Marxist regimes targeting Jews for persecution. One of the most famous Soviet dissidents was Natan Sharansky who languished for nine years in prison for being a human rights activist and Jewish “refusenik”.

After many decades of the Left thoroughly infiltrating and corrupting America’s vast educational-industrial complex, the news media, publishing, Hollywood, big tech, and much of corporate America — and aided by the Left’s de facto open borders immigration policy and so many schools no longer even trying to Americanize immigrants — there is now a record number of young American Red Guards seeking to “cancel” or even destroy all who they have been indoctrinated to hate as oppressors.

Hopefully heretofore dangerously uninformed and naive Americans will at last wake up and stop voting for politicians pushing cultural Marxism; stop sending their children to any schools or universities that convince them to hate their religion, America, and their own parents; stop donating money to their college alma mater if it is part of the problem; and stop buying products from corporations pushing critical race theory and donating big bucks to radical leftist groups like Black Lives Matter that work to destroy Western Judeo-Christian civilization.

In 2008 Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”. With the dominant opinion-forming institutions now captured by leftists and so many in the globalist ruling class either leftists or intimidated by them, the fate of America as we have known it is now in real jeopardy.

As our wise and brave Founding Fathers understood, we will enjoy exactly as much freedom as we are willing to fight for — and not one whit more.

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