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Why the Rise of Jew Hatred and the Support for Hamas Terrorists?

A lot of folks are shocked and mystified by all the recent open displays of hatred and even violence toward …

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Israel and Palestine – Economic and Christian Reflections

This guest post was written by Dawson Kiser. Dawson is a writer from Chicago Illinois. He recently graduated from Grove …

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Christian Worldview

The Israel of God and American Foreign Policy

I want to address something that concerns me much more than momentary arguments over foreign policy. I would like to address Christians, specifically from the Bible, on two separate, but inter-connected questions. The first question I would like to attempt to answer is whether or not the current nation state known as Israel today is “the Israel of God”. In other words, is the current geographic nation-state that was established in the early 1950’s the same entity as the Biblical Israel?

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Christian Worldview

Christian Thoughts on Israel-Palestine

LibertarianChristians.com is pleased to welcome Scott Ritsema of CivicsNews.com to write our first-ever guest post. Scott is the editor of …

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