Prospera, an Entirely New Governance Paradigm

Human flourishing requires individuals and communities to cooperate and innovate in order to succeed. In such times where just about everyone is frustrated with how governance is working very poorly, new and innovative ideas are necessary. We’ve heard from Joe McKinney on startup societies, but we didn’t have quite an example of one such endeavor.

Now we have one to share!

On May 6, Prospera (the future village/town/city on the island of Roatan) and its legal foundations, the “Prospera Platform” for good governance, was launched. The Prospera Platform has the potential to make the island of Roatan in Honduras the “Hong Kong of the Caribbean” and create the conditions for the most rapid economic growth and job creation of any region in the Western Hemisphere. The Prospera Platform also provides a mechanism (with enabling legislation) for any country around the world to implement (1) property rights, (2) a pro-job-creation legal framework, and (3) good governance and the rule of law.

Why does that matter?

Because “governance” is the #1 industry in the world, and “good governance” is the single largest determinant of a country or region’s economic success. If the most poorly-governed 50% of countries and regions in the world were governed as effectively as the 25% best-governed countries and regions of the world, that would translate into more than $100 Trillion (with a “T”) in higher world income.

What is Prospera?  

Prospera is a platform for economic development that is partnered with the Honduran government under the ZEDE program to create the first development hub on the island of Roatan. The regulations and taxation within this semi-autonomous hub are distinct from the rest of Honduras, which enables an environment for doing business that is one of the best in the world. The framework instituted by the Prospera Platform enables businesses to grow profitably in a free market, but in a way that is sustainable for the environment and for local communities.

Why Honduras?

Honduras is the first country in the world to adopt a robust framework for semi-autonomous economic zones that enable the Prospera Platform to be deployed.

Why the island of Roatan?

The Caribbean island of Roatan in Honduras is the ideal first location for the deployment of the Prospera Platform and its first namesake village/town/city for all the reasons listed here and in our white paper (see below).

Who all is involved?

Financial backing is being provided by top-tier investors from around the world, including Pronomos Capital (backed by Peter Thiel and Marc Andreessen) and many others. Board members and advisors are listed here.

What is the significance of a May 6 Launch?

May 6 is “Bannister Day.” It was 66 years ago today that Roger Bannister “broke the 4-minute mile.” Prospera and the Prospera Platform are “breaking the 4-minute mile” with an entirely new governance paradigm.

What can I do to learn more or get involved? 

  • If you would like to be one of the first people in the world to pre-register for one of the amazing residential units designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, you can pre-register here.
  • If you would like to open or expand a business in this newly-created best business jurisdiction in the world, you can access the “Resource Center” with all the details on how to do that here.
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