Tom Woods 662

Christians and Libertarians on the Tom Woods Show

One of my first major influences as a libertarian was Dr. Thomas Woods, through his impressive articles and the lovely book The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History. When I went to Mises University in 2006, I really looked forward to meeting Tom as much or more than many other faculty. He did not disappoint. We became fast friends and I enjoyed getting to know his wife Heather too. I always love to spend time with them whenever I get a chance.

Tom, of course, has repeatedly shown himself to be one of the great figures in the modern libertarian movement. His tremendous scholarship, books, and now his Liberty Classroom website and podcast are indispensable parts of libertarian literature corpus.

I was thrilled to be on his podcast in 2014 to announce the Christians For Liberty Conference to the world, and it was once again my honor to be on the Tom Woods Show this week to talk about Christian and libertarian issues and to invite all his listeners to the Christians For Liberty 2016 Conference.

We covered a lot of ground in the show, spanning why Christians ought to be libertarians to how liberty and anti-state thought fits into Christian theology. Still, there are plenty of things we did not address in detail, so here are some additional articles for you to review after listening at Tom’s website.

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