News of the Week: Iran concerned about United States obtaining its 8500th Nuke

Recapping the interesting and significant news of this past week.

Tom Woods posted a fun article this week concerning 26 Things Non-Paul Voters are Basically Saying.

Sadly, Judge Andrew Napolitano’s FreedomWatch show on FoxBusiness is being canceled. Not cool, Fox.

An LCC reader sent me an interesting interview from the BBC with Alexandre Christoyannopoulos asking if Jesus was an anarchist.

The Onion satirizes that Iran is concerned that the U.S. is on the verge of obtaining its 8500th nuclear weapon. Oh noez!

If you’re a V for Vendetta fan, you might find this article interesting about the culture connection between V and the hacker group Anonymous.

I find technology trends quite interesting, and of course one of the hottest trends right now is tablet computing. Dan Moren writes about using his iPad as his only work computer for a three days.

You ought to give a Fed Valentine this week.

If you are like me, you sort of threw up in your mouth during Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl commercial. Reason.tv responds with this:

Did you visit LCC this week? Here’s what you missed if not:

Have some relevant news and links you want to share? Post in the comments below. I read every comment and respond more often than not. Let me know what you’re thinking!

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