Breaking: Ron Paul will not run for Congress again


Lew Rockwell reports that Ron will not run for Congress in 2012, and will completely focus on the presidential campaign.

Ron Paul, the amazing and principled politician, is not running for Congress again. It’s the end of an era, but the beginning of a new one. But why is Ron not running, after finally getting a little of what he is due with his monetary committee? He has been thinking about this for some time, and wants to concentrate on the presidential campaign and future and enhanced educational efforts that will blow your socks off. Also, he has had it–to name just a few items–with: twice weekly groping by the TSA (since he has metal knees and is selected for the full feel-up every time); dealing with the crooks and creeps in Congress, especially in the rotten Texas delegation; and the deadly new district the Republicans have placed him in. There are sad aspects to this, of course. He has been the greatest congressman in American history, by many leagues. But I predict that he will have even-more and even-more-lasting influence as he uses his moral authority for teaching freedom, peace, and Austrian economics outside of politics. More later.

There is far more to life than politics, and Ron has done his part, run the race, finished the course. Obviously, he will still be involved with the liberty movement, but I for one am glad that he will be shifting away from the political arena – unless of course he wins the Presidency…

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