U.S. Military to Provide Morning-After Pill to Soldiers Abroad

From the irony department… Apparently, the Pentagon has approved the “Morning-After Pill” for soldiers abroad. Besides the fact that this just shows that military life is not one exemplifying virtue, I will be interested to see the pro-life lobby’s response to this. Who wants to make a bet that they will yell and scream about the morning-after pill without batting an eye or saying a word about the death and destruction the military causes abroad to fifty-thousand times more individuals who are maimed, killed, displaced, and oppressed through military occupation?

The pro-life lobby can be horribly inconsistent, and as I’ve said before the tragedy is that pro-life voters still think the Republican Party is the answer when for six straight years of Republican domination of the Federal Government they did virtually nothing. The only things Republicans have done to limit abortion was to “ban” partial-birth abortion from the Federal level and temporarily stop funding for abortions from the Feds. When will Christians learn that the Republican Party is patently ridiculous?

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