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The Progressive Attack on Liberal Values and the Ideals of Individual Liberty

What does it mean to be woke? Who is behind this movement? When did the woke movement start? What should libertarian Christians think of Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory? Is the 1619 Project legitimate?

Fighting for clean earth. Young and strong woman is protesting for ecology with group of female activists while marching on the road. Ecology concept. Climate strike. Protest concept. Revolution concept


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Godarchy Podcast 1

Postmodernism and Critical Race Theory With Michael Rectenwald

Racism is everywhere! At least that’s the narrative the “woke” social justice movement drives. Political movements spring from ideas and …

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Episode 222 Featured Image

Ep 222: Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear, with Scott Bader-Saye

When we live in a culture of fear, how should Christians follow Jesus in such a way that lives in …

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