The Magic Fix for the Government Shutdown

In this episode of “Good News Bad News,” host Matthew Bellis discusses the impending government shutdown and its consequences with magician and guest, Doc Dixon. They explore the idea that the shutdown might actually be an opportunity for individuals to secure government jobs and receive back pay once it ends. They also touch upon the topic of politicians and their handling of the shutdown, highlighting the disconnect between those in power and the people affected by the shutdown.

The conversation then shifts to the recent GOP debate, with Doc Dixon sharing his humorous take on some of the candidates, particularly Mike Pence’s attempts at comedy. They discuss the awkwardness and lack of humor displayed by the politicians during the debate.

The episode further delves into the issues of mass rioting and looting in cities, questioning the breakdown of civility and the reasons behind it. They briefly touch upon the idea of concealed carry being a potential deterrent to crime.

Lastly, Bellis and Dixon address the topic of immigration and how attitudes towards immigrants seem to be shifting in various cities, from welcoming to more hostile. The episode offers a lighthearted and humorous take on these serious issues, providing an interesting and engaging discussion for viewers.

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