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Is the Phrase “Taxation is Theft” a Heresy?

Summary – Is the Phrase “Taxation is Theft” a Heresy? In this episode of the Faith Seeking Freedom Podcast, host Cody Cook explores a question from an anonymous Christian anarchist: “Was the Temple Tax a violation of ‘Taxation is theft’?” Cody delves into the biblical context, explaining Israel’s covenant with

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"How would property rights work under an anarchist society?"

How would property rights work under an anarchist society?

“How would property rights work under an anarchist society?” This is a question from one of our listeners, Adam: I’m wondering, in a stateless society, who would protect property rights? It seems like it would need to be a might-makes-right system, wherein those who are not strong enough to protect

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How do libertarians deal with Wildlife Conservation

How do libertarians deal with Wildlife Conservation?

This is a question from one of our listeners, Andrew: “How do libertarians deal with Wildlife Conservation?” Hello, I am a regular listener of the libertarian Christian podcast, and I heard you take questions on the faith seeking freedom podcast. My question is this: how does libertarianism deal with the

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What parts of the Bible are applicable for us today?

What parts of the Bible are applicable for us today?

Summary – What parts of the Bible are applicable for us today? In this episode of the Faith Seeking Freedom podcast, Dr. Norman Horn answers a listener’s question about understanding which parts of the Bible are applicable in modern times. He discusses the importance of interpreting Scripture with a hermeneutic

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What is the purpose of central banking?

“What is the purpose of central banking?” The term “central banking” gets thrown around in libertarian circles so much that it’s easy to lose sight of it’s actual purpose. In this episode of the Faith Seeking Freedom podcast, Dr. Norman Horn offers a clear and succinct explanation of central banking,

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How Do I Convince My Pastor to Become a Libertarian?

Is there a quick and easy way to convince your pastor to become a libertarian? How do you convince somebody in positions of authority and respect to embrace libertarian thinking? Dr. Norman Horn gives salient advice on how to convince pastors (or anybody!) that libertarianism is the most consistent expression

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Should Christians be Against Profit?

Is the profit motive something a Christian should pursue? Should Christians capture “excess value”? Dr. Norman Horn addresses the ways in which this is not a proper analysis of what’s happening in the economy under free market exchange.

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Is There Such a Thing As a Good Cop?

Is it wrong to distrust law enforcement? Sadly, the faults of the judicial branch are being exposed increasingly. Profiling, brutality, systemic oppression, and the culture of fear surrounding police creates a distrust among citizens. Are the police given too much power over individuals’ lives? Such a position draws a state-subsidized

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If Our Freedom is in Christ, Do We Need Political Freedom?

Christians have a secret: hope in Christ gives us the ability to endure everything life throws our way. But what about economic and political freedom? Doug and Norman tackle an important and oft-asked question about what kind(s) of freedom we are advocating for. Can we be free when we’re living

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How is Libertarianism Biblical? How Does it Differ?

How does libertarianism align and deviate from the Bible? We will not argue that libertarianism is inherently Biblical; however, we say that libertarianism is concordant with the Bible and its tenets. We also see that the early Church was set apart as a community from the rest of the world

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The Christian Libertarian View of Gay Marriage?

The Bible has much to say on the issue of same-sex marriage, however, as Christian libertarians where should we stand? The state does not have the right to regulate how humans wish to make contracts with one another – even when it comes to a marital union. It is not

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What about Ayn Rand’s Objectivism?

(SPOILER ALERT: WE SPOIL THE FOUNTAINHEAD AND ATLAS SHRUGGED.) Many people have come to libertarianism by reading Ayn Rand and appreciating her philosophy of Objectivism, however, what do Christian libertarians think of Rand and her philosophy?

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Did the Church handle COVID restrictions well?

A lot of Christians wonder why churches went along with fear culture during the pandemic and followed government restrictions for social gatherings – even though some of those regulations were unlawful/unconstitutional – when the Bible commands its followers to not live in fear? Why did this pandemic shake society and

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Why are so many Christians wrong about taxation?

Most Christians in America view taxation as a completely philanthropic and voluntary form of statecraft; therefore, libertarianism is not a compatible system of beliefs for Christians. Why is this such a prevalent theme in the church? Are most Christian tenets naturally libertarian in nature otherwise?

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How to Confront Nation-Idolaters

How do we approach fellow believers that are sinning by participating in statolatry – or nation idolatry? It depends on how you masy define statolatry. If at any point a believer sacrifices their citizenship in heaven in order to satisfy their earthly ruler, that individual as a follower of Christ

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