Should Christians vote and hold political office or focus only on spreading the Gospel?

Guest host Jacob Winograd addresses the question of whether Christians should vote or hold political office, or focus solely on spreading the gospel. Drawing from the book Faith Seeking Freedom, the discussion delves into the relationship between Christianity and politics, emphasizing that the gospel has real-world implications, making Christians inherently political to some extent. The episode explores the ethical considerations surrounding voting, delving into the concept of advocating for the “lesser of two evils” and the compatibility of voting with Christian principles. Various viewpoints on voting, including direct policy initiatives, protest voting, and considerations based on different levels of government, are discussed. Ultimately, the episode encourages listeners to prayerfully consider their stance on voting and to engage in discussions with grace and respect for differing perspectives. The host emphasizes the need for faith to be solely in Jesus Christ, regardless of individual decisions about voting. The episode concludes by pointing to a resource for further exploration on the topic.

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