Why Are Some Libertarians Critical of Javier Milei? with Brian Nichols

Why Are Some Libertarians Critical of Javier Milei? with Brian Nichols

Jacob Winograd interviews Brian Nichols, host of the Brian Nichols Show. Recently, Brian saw a piece by Antonella Marty, CEO of Sociedad Atlas at The Atlas Society, in Reason magazine attacking Argentina’s new president Javier Milei. The op-ed portrays Milei as an authoritarian populist, according to Brian, & is rife with distortions and unfounded allegations. As a  libertarian, Brian felt compelled to set the record straight and defend a man who is bravely trying to pull his country out of the abyss of socialism, and so he wrote a counter piece. Brian’s article, recently published by Amp America, is the subject of our conversation tonight.

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