Joshua Smith on Running for President as a Christian Libertarian

Joshua Smith on Running for President as a Christian Libertarian

Jacob Winograd welcomes listeners to a new episode of the Biblical Anarchy podcast, featuring guest Joshua Smith, who is running for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination. The episode dives into Joshua’s campaign themes, personal stories, and his views on Christian libertarianism.

Key Topics Discussed

  1. Joshua’s Presidential Campaign:
    • Running on an “American First, Christ is King” message.
    • Targeting middle America and blue-collar voters.
    • The role of family and personal responsibility in his campaign.
  2. Personal Stories:
    • Joshua discusses balancing family life with campaigning, sharing anecdotes about his children and their integration into his religious and political life.
  3. Religious Influence:
    • Importance of Christian values in Joshua’s life and politics.
    • His baptism and its significance to his faith journey.
    • Influences from Jordan Peterson on setting personal order.
  4. Libertarianism and Christianity:
    • Challenges within the Libertarian Party and the need for a foundational Christian ethic.
    • Critique of libertarianism when devoid of Christian morality.
    • Views on abortion as a non-negotiable issue reflecting the sanctity of life.
  5. Political and Cultural Commentary:
    • Criticism of mainstream media and educational influences.
    • Discussion on the state of Protestantism and the appeal of older Christian traditions.
    • Joshua’s experiences and challenges within the Libertarian Party.


Joshua reiterates his campaign’s focus on American values, Christian principles, and the importance of addressing cultural and political issues from a libertarian perspective. Jacob wraps up by highlighting upcoming episodes and thanking listeners for their engagement.


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