Understanding Consent: Does Democracy Make Good What the Bible Calls Evil?

Understanding Consent: Does Democracy Make Good What the Bible Calls Evil?

A common defense of the State and its authority or ability to tax comes in the form of using democracy as a sort of “cure-all” that re-frames aspects of the State that are not consensual or that are backed by force/coercion to be morally permissible. Is this philosophically sound? In this episode, we continue to engage with the Open AI software to explore logical fallacies in arguments made to defend statism, this time focusing in on democracy. Can voting or having representation in votes that ultimately decide the outcomes of people’s lives and property be morally justified? What is democracy, and is there anything special about it that would lend itself towards making otherwise immoral actions moral? What is consent? What do we mean by informed consent? Can consent be given under pressure or threats of violence?  Does social conditioning play a role in determining true consent, and what Biblical principles come into play when making these moral calculations? These are questions that we attempt to answer in today’s episode.

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